Vintage Neon Signs...and Why We Should Save Them

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Why should we try to preserve neon signs?

These unique and precious works of art represent an important era in American history and should be preserved.  They tell a story that written words cannot.  Behind each sign is a unique and special small business, often family owned, and has a story to tell. These signs and the history behind them and are very different from the big box businesses that are so abundant today. If they are not revered and saved, this important part of Americana will be gone forever.

Articles About Neon Signs

Preservation Group Pushes to Save Neon Signs

Historic Landmark Signs Preservation Ordinance, Tucson, AZ

Tucson Neon Coloring Book by Danny Martin

Preservation Groups:

Save the Signs  Denver, Colorado 

Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation

How are neon signs made?

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