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If you have information about neon signs, such as history, your memories associated with a sign, or anything related to my photos or your own photo, I’d love to have it.

If you would like to submit a photo, I will be happy to post it if it is appropriate for my blog. This is entirely under my own discretion.

I will give you credit for the photo of a vintage neon sign, but there is no payment.

Please indicate the copyright owner of the photo if it is not your original work. This includes the URL, the artist’s name, or any other information I could use to obtain permission to use or to give proper credit.

If the photo or information is your own original work, please indicate how you would like your credit to be given.

Please attach the URL of the photo (preferred) of there is one.

If there is no URL, I will reply with an email for you to use to submit your photo or information.

I will entertain all inquiries to guest blog.