Color TV and Appliance  1965 map  Tucson, AZ


ADD photo golden pin Lanes

Golden Pin Lanes 1960s Tucson, Arizona map

Here is an old bowling alley still located along the Miracle Mile in Tucson. The old sign for the Golden Pin Lanes used to have neon, but now with paint that has been baking in the relentless Arizona sun. However with the mini-lights on the sign it looks quite spectacular at night! The building itself, built in the mid 1960’s, also features a bowling pin and ball that can be seen from the roadside. One of the few great old bowling alleys in Arizona that still survives.

Golden Moon Palace  Phoenix, AZ  1970s map



Photo from 2015, sign has been removed.






Neon Saguaro  Tucson, AZ


Sue’s Fish  1960  Tucson, AZ  map

SUE’S FISH opened in 1960. The small pole-mounted steel sign is shaped like a catfish and outlined and detailed in neon. Although the sign is not operational, its imagery and scale are irresistible.


Tucson Truck Terminal  1966  map


TTT stands for Tucson Truck Terminal. Technically there is no neon here but the little light bulbs around the perimeter of the circle place this sign in the right era. FTF: MelonColley !<p>Back in 1966 when the TTT Truck Terminal opened at Craycroft Rd. and I- 10, it was considered the most modern and up-to-date location west of the Mississippi River. On its 22 acres it boasted a laundry, showers, clothes store, overnight accommodations for men and women, and a restaurant. It even had a barber shop and a post office. There were 59 employees running the place 24/7.

The Movie “Moonfire” was filmed here in Tucson, and it starts out showing truckers moving down the road…..thanks to geocacher tusmke for the YouTube link.  Click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0i8wpjUMvyc” to go to the video.

What is the purpose of the stepladder located at the pumps? It is there so you can get high enough to clean the bugs off the windows of your 18 wheeler.

For 1966 photos, see the reference listed here: http://tucson.com/news/blogs/photo_blog/throwback-thursday-tucson-s-triple-t-truck-stop-opens-in/article_7104e62c-becb-5337-81c9-e1b540985b8d.html

According to geocacher azduners the apple pie and breakfast here are to die for.