Alamo Apartments  1937  map Tucson, AZ

alamo apts

The apartments. are located at the “Five Points” intersection, the southern gateway to downtown on the historic alignment of US Routes 80/89. The LaMar family built “The Alamo” in 1937 with the vertical sign designed by Isadore Posner.  Isadore was the son of Philip Posner, who established Tucson’s first sign painting business in 1913. The sign was restored in 2008 along with the building.


Arizona Motel  1939 map Tucson, AZ

arizona motel

On the historic alignment of US Routes 80 and 89, the Arizona Motel was opened in 1930 by the Yunt family. Along with a trailer court, the large southwestern Art Deco style sign was added in 1939. The sign originally read “Arizona Tourist Court” but was reconfigured over time. This sign has been beautifully restored.