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Some Signs Make You Hungry…



Caruso’s…been there forever, food never fails to make you smile. The sign depicts a chef endlessly lifting delicious neon strands of spaghetti…

Lucky Wishbone neon sign at night

Lucky Wishbone star sign

old ice cream

Benson, Arizona, Old Benson Ice Cream Stop. Family owned, a Benson icon. Benson is famous for several old West gunfights. Go to their website to read about it.

gallopin goose neons ign

Gallopin’ Goose sign, Coolidge, AZ

mama louisa's italian restaurant neon sign

Mama Louisa’s Italian Restaurant, Tucson, AZ


Arrows Point the Way…

This weeks challenge is to post an image to do with “direction.”

At one time, swooping arrows were the big thing on neon signs. The arrow would direct the passing tourist in the right direction, towards the front door of the establishment, where patronage would then take place…These arrows leave no doubt about where you should go!

The Cross Roads Drive Inn is is South Tucson, Arizona.

The Ham Bone Sports Bar and Grill, Mesa, AZ

The quality Liquor Drive-In was sent to me without identification. If anyone has spotted it, please let me know!

The Ham Bone and Trails West Motel are in Mesa, Arizona.

If you’ve tried the food or the beer at any of these places,  let’s hear your comments!

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – May 11, 2018

Vintage Neon Signs

The Ham Bone Sports Bar and Grill, Mesa, AZ

Lucky Wishbone neon sign at night

Lucky Wishbone star sign, Tucson, AZ (1953)

horse shoe cafe

Horse Shoe Cafe, Benson, AZ (1960s)

Cross Roads Drive Inn, South Tucson, AZ (1951)

Oasis Court, Benson,, AZ

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