Neon Sign Photo Challenge!

This is a Monday weekly photo challenge featuring neon signs.  Any neon sign is fine; doesn’t have to be vintage. Just keep your eye open, wherever you go! You can find some cool neon signs and take photos, or go through some of your old ones and post those that fit the challenge.

October 28, 2019: This weeks neon sign prompt is:

the color turquoise

Tucson, AZ. Read more about Wayward Winds Lodge’s neon sign’s history in my February 28, 2019 post.

Some photo tips for neon signs:

Try photographing neon signs at sunset or the darkening twilight right after. Usually the signs come on before sunset but the contrast won’t be as great as it is at night.  You’ll get a crisper neon light line. Sometimes when you photograph a neon at night, the neon will look a little fuzzy in the photograph. Rather than hand movement, the fuzziness might be caused by the glow coming off the light.

To find some fun vintage neon signs, go to the oldest part of your town, or the oldest section of a city nearby. Many of these signs will have interesting shapes, many colors and fun swooping arrows.

To take part in the fun, follow these directions:

  1. Create a Neon Sign Photo Challenge Post
  2. Copy the URL from this post. On your blog post page with your challenge photos, create a link titled “Neon Sign Photo Challenge”. Paste in the url into the link. On WordPress, this will create a pingback.
  3. In your tags, add: always add NSPC. Optional: “neon sign photo challenge”
  4. Optional: It would be great to include the city where the sign is located.
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  6. If you are having trouble with pingbacks or are a nonWordpress blog, simply add the link (URL) and title to your neon signs photo challenge post in my comment box below on this post.  Your own photos on Instagram, Flickr and Facebook are fine too. Just post the link in comments.  Photographs linked need to be your own.
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  9. The challenge will change weekly on Mondays, so please go to the most recent Monday to add your challenge photo.

November 4, 2019: Next weeks prompt will be :

arrow shapes