Tag’s Cafe of Coolidge, Arizona

Tags Cafe 156 N Arizona Blvd, Coolidge, AZ

Tag and Bea Guayante opened Tag’s Café at 156 N. Arizona Blvd. on June 29, 1955. They had recently closed a little taco shop that they opened in 1944. Since then, thousands of people from across the state and from around the world have come to Tag’s to enjoy their food and friendly atmosphere.

Janice Calvert and Richard Schaar bought Tag’s in 2005.

The bold, stately neon sign that says Tag’s Café is an important part of the history of Tag’s. After Calvert and Schaar bought Tag’s, they found a company that could fix it the aging neon sign and were so happy with the outcome that the men who repaired it were able to sign the side.

Inside the storage area there was an old milk machine that was just sitting in the back for years until  Schaar decided to bring it out wash it up and plug it in soon after buying the café.

“It’s the coldest milk I have ever tasted,” Schaar said. Calvert and Schaar believe it is the original milk machine from 1955 when Tag’s first opened. It is also the only piece of machinery that has not been replaced.

Out front of Tag’s Cafe


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