Neon Sign Photo Challenge!

I chose four prompts from which you can choose. Pick one, some or all of them to create your challenge post.

This months prompts are:

includes body parts

the color blue

vertical lettering

starts with the letter M

freestyle (whichever sign you want!)

Neon sign diving girl Starlite Motel Mesa AZ

To find some fun vintage neon signs, go to the oldest part of your town, or the oldest section of a city nearby. Many of these signs will have interesting shapes, many colors and fun swooping arrows. There are also some great neon signs that are new. Just keep your eye open, wherever you go! You can find some cool neon signs and take photos, or go through some of your old ones and post those that fit the challenge.

To create a ping back just link to this post from within your neon sign photo challenge blog post.

Caruso’s Italian Restaurant, Tucson, AZ 2016

These signs cover two prompts: blue and includes body parts

To take part in the fun, follow these directions:

  1. Create a Neon Sign Photo Challenge Post
  2. Copy the URL from this post. On your blog post page with your challenge photos, create a link titled “Neon Sign Photo Challenge- November 2018.”
  3. In your tags, add: always add NSPC. Optional: neon sign photo challenge, neon, or vintage neon
  4. When you publish your post, it will create a ping back that adds a link to my post.
  5. Or simply add a link (URL) to your post in my comment box below on this post.
  6. Remember to follow my blog so you will be able to play the next photo challenge.