DIY Homemade Neon Sign

I came across this article about how to make a sign that will glow and look like a miniature (or not!) neon sign. The wire comes in all different sizes (thicknesses) and lengths, and depending on how big is your chosen canvas, can be something small for your dessert table at a party or as big as a sign for a store window.

5 mm EL wire in aqua

I haven’t tried to do this project myself, but with a few tools it looks pretty straightforward. First, you choose your platform for your image/words (acrylic board, canvas on a frame as for painting, a piece of wood). You draw a sketch of what you want your words or image to look like.  Then take some time to decide where the neon thread should enter and exit the platform, kind of like sewing. (See this link on How to Make a DIY Neon Sign for helpful instructions on how to know where to enter and exit with your neon strand.)

The EL wire can be purchased on a website called Glow City. There are also some great examples of images you can create with the EL wire. You will also need a hand drill and a bit (bit size will vary depending on the size of the wire you choose), glue and  tape. A detailed list of the items can be found here.  I purchased some 5mm aqua EL wire and a AAA battery pack today.

The hardest part might be choosing which word, words or image you want to create. What one word describes you, who you are, what you want and what you want to say? This will take some thought… A good website to help you choose your word/s is MyIntent Project.

Here are a few I came up with:

I am enough  My favorite, but probably too long to create a small sign. I may get a tattoo of this if I can figure out where on earth I would place it…I got this phrase from my mental health guru, Marissa Peer.

Blessed  This is always true, so a good possibility, but a word that gets kicked around a lot…

Adventure  I like this one. I could put it on the back of my travel trailer camper. But I may need to buy more wire for this long of a word…

Believe  A good possibility…

Neon  Obviously…

If you think of  a word for me, or a word you would choose for yourself, leave it in a comment. I could use your ideas! I’ll let you know  in a future post what word/s I chose to create and how it comes out!

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