Like so many neon signs from the 1940s and 1950s we review, the businesses behind those signs are aging and eventually will close if the businesses are not passed down to another generation in the family. This leaves the sign standing as a lonely outpost to remind us of what was once an entity that commanded the love and attention of an entire family.  The entire community is affected by the closing, as you can see by the comments below.

Fairlawn Steakhouse is another example among many faded neon signs than can be spotted along byways that were once a major pass-through before the interstate came along. Let us hope that as in many communities there have been ordinances passed that prohibit the removal of these historic signs.  The business itself may have closed but the sign will still be there for us to enjoy and bring back those childhood memories of ice cream cones and family gatherings shared in the establishment.

Fairlawn Steak House

Fairlawn Steak house neon, 925 Sweitzer St. Greenville, OH. Photo by Kenny V. Oct. 2018.

“After 38 years of proudly serving the Darke County community quality meals with friendly service at a reasonable price, the Foley family will be closing the Fairlawn Steak House on June 30, 2018,” said the announcement by owners Pat and Kandy Foley. “We have developed many friendships and loyal customers over the years and we shall miss them, but the time has come to pursue other endeavors and spend more time with family.”

“We would like to thank our valued customers, dedicated staff, and the community who have been the back bone to our success. We invite everyone to dine with us in the coming weeks to say goodbye to our Fairlawn family,” it continued.

An auction for the real estate and the restaurant’s contents will be held in August. Approximately 18 employees will be affected by the closure.

Comments on Fairlawn’s Facebook page from customers expressed both sadness at the restaurant’s closing but also best wishes for the owners:

“So sorry to see it close but fully understand. You need to enjoy your family. We frequent Fairlawn, great food and your servers are so nice. You will be missed!!”

“So sad to hear this. Growing up I remember all the special occasions we were able to celebrate at the Fairlawn. I always remember my early birthdays and the carousel horse in the dining area and loving that horse and always wanting one of my own. I will always have the memories. Good luck in the future and thank you!”

“So sad. Best food in town and a gathering place for friends and special events for many years. So glad you are taking time for yourselves. You have served your community well and thank you for that.”

“The Great Darke County Fair will not be the same without you. Thanks for all you’ve done for us in the past. Much success in your retirement.”

“Hard to imagine The Fairlawn not being at the corner of Fair and Sweitzer Streets. Thanks for serving us for 38 years!”

“We have enjoyed many memorable meals there. Hate to hear this but we wish you the best and thank you.”

“Completely heartbroken!!! Thank you for many many wonderful meals!! Good luck with your new endeavours.”