Cool Cat Laundry, University of Arizona campus, Tucson, AZ. Photo of 2018.

I am always on the lookout for interesting vintage neon signs. This one may not be vintage, but you can see why it caught my eye! And you can see how our neon friend lures in the customers passing by with that wide grin and sexy glasses.


Cool Cat Laundry, Tucson, Arizona, 2018 photo. Here are the two felines who monopolize my leather chair, wreak havoc on anything left on a shelf that might look interesting falling to the floor, and keep my house free of bugs and flies. They are lovely cats, with distinct personalities. Sapphire, the gray one, is shy but loving, and spends a lot of time looking out at the sunny street from behind my long drapes. Trickster is, well, a trickster! He is openly friendly and kind of pushy about being petted, even with strangers.

These kitties are the two little entities that make my townhouse a home.

Sapphire (gray) and Trickster (black)






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Sapphire on the stretch

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