corleones restaurant sign, girl with swirly blonde hair pictures

The owners of the Mona Lisa bakery and restaurant at Broadway and Kolb Road shut down their Mona Lisa bakery in April 2006 and created a restaurant/bakery combo on the southwest corner Tanque Verde Road and Grant, opened in 2007, and named it the Mona Lisa Corleone Sicilian restaurant.


It was said that the restaurant resembled a Mafia front, but of course this was only a rumor. The dining room was lined with red leather booths maroon walls with mirrors all over, red carpets, and a stage with a disco ball overhead. There used to be a Sinatra impersonator singing on that stage on the weekend. It was like a 1950’s time capsule. But it somehow managed to look classy, the wait staff wore traditional Sicilian dress, and the food was good.