Cross Roads Drive Inn  1951 Tucson, AZ  map

2602 S. Fourth Ave. Tucson, AZ

Literally at the crossroads of South 4th Avenue and East 36th Street since 1936, this place has been family owned and operated for more than 75 years. Originally, there were only a few tables inside, and the restaurant heavily favored fresco dining, despite the hot (or cold) weather. Up until 2009, you could still order food from the parking lot. This restaurant is still in operation today, but without drive-in service. Many state it has the best Mexican food in Tucson, and rave about the mango margaritas and guacamole.

This restaurant was the first in what was to eventually be the street with more authentic Mexican restaurants packed side-by-side than anywhere else in Tucson.

This sign includes three distinct elements: the “Cross Roads” name, the yellow arrow listing restaurant specialties, and a foaming beer mug topping the sign.


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