The Century Bourbon House in Dayton, Ohio has a cherry wood and stained glass back bar built in 1962 and its tables are made from Four Roses bourbon barrels.  The bar counters are made from copper, which is what their bourbon is aged in. The write-up on the Bourbon House brags that they have no neon signs in the bar, but we will overlook that for now.

Original neon sign outside the Century Bourbon House, 10 S. Jefferson Dayton, Ohio. Photo by Kenneth Ventura.
Dayton, Ohio buildings reflected in the Century Bourbon House window. Photo by Kenneth Ventura.

What I know about bourbon you could write on your pinky finger, so I looked it up. Bourbon is a type of whiskey that is made mostly from corn mash and then aged. Any type of whiskey made from corn is called “bourbon.” Bourbon whiskey can be made anywhere, but in the United States it is closely associated with the state of Kentucky.

No one knows for certain how bourbon was invented, but the legend goes that Elijah Craig, a Kentucky Baptist minister, was the first to age whiskey in charred oak casks, which gives the whiskey it distinctive taste and color.

Federal regulations state that for any whiskey to be labeled “bourbon whiskey” it must be made in the United States, a resolution adopted in 1964.

Nancy Merrill Photography Photo a Week Challenge: Through Glass (See Century Bourbon House photo)