Lucky Wishbone   1953 Tucson, AZ  map

20141123_175258This sign is quite impressive at night. The star growing bigger catches the eye, and then a quick surprise!

Lucky Wishbone opened as Tucson’s first fast food restaurant on July 10, 1953, at 4872 S. 6th Avenue and added five other locations between 1953 and 1973. French fries sold for 20 cents, a steak sandwich for 45 cents, and a banana split cost 40 cents. At the time, the city building area stopped at Country Club, and there were only four or five businesses between there and six miles away on Wilmot St.

The Swan Road location was constructed in 1957, and on opening night some 4,000 Tucsonans visited between 4 pm and midnight. The restaurant was redesigned in 1969. The neon sign, built by Arizona neon, has become synonymous with the chain and is a Broadway Blvd. landmark. The restaurant still uses paper to take and place orders, and despite recent renovations, it still has a nice old fashioned feel.